Dear life be kind to me as I emerge from the tranquility of the forest to the whirring madness of the evening

I prepare myself to be engulfed by the existential noise of humanity, that heightens as I descend down the hill…the humming of the machines, the buzzing electricity as it travels through terminals, the noise of the revving engines of cars that speed by

Don’t let me become deaf to the sounds of my heart, my mind, my body, I pray silently

I think of my brief refuge in the woods moments earlier. Sitting down on the exposed roots of a tree, I tried to absorb the sacred energy of Mother Nature

I was surrounded by the sweet silence of the forest only disturbed by the breeze  as it rustled the dried leaves on the branches above me. A crow cawed in the distance excitedly. An eagle swooped low inquisitively to take a look at this human intruder.

I soaked the rays of the setting sun, emptying my mind of all the negativity, I prayed to the forest. I drew strength from my surroundings to help me endure  through the tasks of the evening that lay ahead.. Unfinished projects, excel files, literature reviews.

And now, as I descend down the path that takes me back to my routine, I feel recharged. The noise of human existence replaces the tranquil silence, but not my strong resolve. I know  Mother Nature will take care  of me as I get absorbed in mental tasks.

The forests will answer my prayers. They have my back and my heart belongs to them.


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