Life is beautiful, its a magical existence of souls in bodies

It is precious. It cannot be created… only destroyed. In a moment’s instance.. the beautiful life that courses through one’s body can be brought to an instant halt. Never to return again.
Its so complex that scientists still grapple to understand it. It’s so superior and faultless that it’s perfection inspires humans to invent in its reflection. But haven’t we failed to achieve the efficiency of our bodies.. Like dialysis machines can not replace kidneys.. nor computers replace brains.
It makes me marvel at our creator. Who has designed us so beautifully. He is a splendid artist, his brilliance is beyond the combined imagination of the entire humanity. He has given life not just inside our bodies, but outside- to the environment, to the earth we live in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. Everything is alive and charged with energy. It is intricately interconnected with one another.
He gave us our minds. Our minds are the purest when we are born. That’s why the smile on a baby’s face is the smile of an angel. It fills our hearts with joy. And yet, the tears of a baby are the saddest and can break any heart. But the same beautiful mind, as we grow gets possessed by hatethat we see in the world. While most of us recoil at the first experience of hate, it’s effects get imprinted in our minds. We begin to harbor it in our hearts and after sometime it becomes part of our existence. And when hate gets out of control, it starts pouring into our actions. We hate on others, we burn in jealousy, we revel to see people suffer, and sometimes we look for justification of hate. To legitimize hate. To sanctify it.
Religious Paradox
To me, religion is one of the biggest justifications humans have used to perpetuate hate. To butcher, destroy and rape others. There hasn’t been a bigger justification of crime than religion. Historically, there is no single disease, war or natural calamity that has caused the amount of bloodshed religion has. And how can God be the source of such hate and destruction. God can never be! He created us, he endowed us. He is not thirsty for the blood of his own creation. Then why do we get so carried away? Why do we let our leaders fill us with hate? Hate is an energy our leaders feed on for electoral gain..
Riots don’t benefit the rioters, people die on both sides. Riots are benefitted by our politicians, who use the hate to win elections. Let’s step outside of our religions garbs and wear the color of patriotism. Let’s not get mobilized into becoming hate machines our politicians want us to be. Lets start a movement to resist religious polarization.
Hate perpetuates hate and transforms into violence. To defend our Gods we destroy his creation. Which Gods do we please when we shed each other’s blood?
Humanity First. Religion After 


Humanity is bigger than religion…
Its bigger than Hinduism, its bigger than Islam
If we look past our differences and love each other, it will please Allah, it will please Ram
If we practice humanity our hearts will be our temples, our hearts will be our mosques, There will be no need for yatras, there will be no need for Hajj.
Religions were meant to create a relationship between Humans and God. Our leaders use that religion to turn us against each other.  Humanity is greater than religion, because the aim of religion is to preach humanity.
Lets be Human. Let’s quit the hate.

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